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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Right Way to Attack Snacks

The Right Way to Attack Snacks

I'd be crazy to believe that you will never have a treat. You're human. You're going to eat sugar. You're going to eat chocolate. (Some now argue that chocolate is a health food!) When it comes to snacks, I have two rules: Don't eat them — especially carb snacks — after 9 p.m., and don't eat junk food just because you want a treat. Got it?
So here's the deal: Instead of a processed, artificially-flavored peanut butter cup with trans fat and high-fructose corn syrup, have a Newman's Own organic peanut butter cup. Instead of a huge bowl of sugar-free nonfat frozen yogurt that's loaded with chemicals and artificial sweeteners, have half a cup of So Delicious® coconut milk non-dairy frozen dessert or organic full-fat ice cream. If you're going to have foods that are less healthy, eat real food and not chemicals.
Love cheese and crackers? Try Kashi 7-grain Crackers with Horizon low-fat mozzarella sticks. Chips? Try PopChips or baked corn chips with fresh salsa or half a cup of black beans. You get the point. Keep snacks simple, and look for ways to give healthy makeovers to your favorites. Enjoy!

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