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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


MYTH: With the Right Cream, Diet, or Procedure You Can Get Rid of Cellulite

Talk about cellulite - the appearance of dimpled skin on thighs, hips, or butts - and most women will cringe. But can those cellulite-reducing creams, treatments, and procedures advertised actually work? Let's find out.
The Truth: Put down the cream and cancel your next laser appointment. There is nothing you can do to get rid of cellulite.
Cellulite sucks, I know — believe it or not, I suffer with it, too. I beat myself up for years exercising my problem area to death and even testing out different creams or procedures. Trust me when I say nothing worked! Now I’ve come to terms with my cellulite and the fact that regardless of what I do, it’s not going anywhere. Here are a few reasons why cellulite is so tough to get rid of and what you can do to lessen its appearance.
Cellulite is a matter of age and genetics. Cellulite has everything to do with how your skin lies over the layer of adipose fat underneath it — so your best bet for reducing the appearance of cellulite is simply to lower overall body fat with proper diet and exercise. Losing weight can reduce the look of cellulite, especially in women who have a lot of weight to lose. In addition to reducing body fat, you should exercise and work on toning the muscles in your problem areas, which can help a bit by creating a firmer surface for the fat to rest on.
No creams, treatments, or procedures have been proven to eliminate cellulite. Like I said above, weight loss is probably the most beneficial cellulite treatment. Cellulite will never go away completely, but exercising more and eating less will help to reduce its appearance. Even the results of some of the most expensive treatments, which may look convincing, could disappear within six months to two years later. I could go on and on about the different treatments and how they work, but the truth is, even if they produce results — those results are not long-lasting: So you’re shelling out a decent chunk of change for something that may last only six months to a year. Sounds like a waste of money to me.
Nearly all women have cellulite. Stop beating yourself up — the majority of women, at least eight out of ten according to the Mayo Clinic, have some degree of cellulite. So yes, that includes your favorite glossy-mag celebrities, “Housewives,” and music artists. We’re all human and we have flaws. I know this is easier said than done, but try to become indifferent to your cellulite. I’ll admit that I still get annoyed occasionally when I see it, but for the most part, I’ve learned to live with it.
The Bottom Line: The only way to reduce the appearance of cellulite is to lose weight and tone your muscles by working out more. The superficial creams and procedures do not have a lasting effect on cellulite. At least by working out, you save money and reap lasting health benefits too!

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