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* I find difficulty falling asleep ( Y) (N)
Tips menghadapi peperiksaan dan ucapan Good Luck kepada Semua yang tengah finals!!
Wednesday, November 16, 2011 | 8:26 PM | 3 comments
I lose my appetite or overeat (Y) (N)
I Become extremely moody (Y)(N)
My hands tremble and shake (Y)(N)
I feel dizzy and nauseous (Y)(N)
I tend to yawn many times (Y)(N)
My stomach ache halfway through the paper (Y)(N)
I experience mental blocks;I feel I cannot remember the facts I had memoriesd (Y)(N)
I feel guilty "Why didn’t I do revision regularly (Y)(N)
I feel angry (Y)(N)
I find exuses "The texbook was so dull and confusing " (Y)(N)
I feel indifferent (Y)(N)
I feel depressed "Excuse me,I just want to be alone ?" (Y)(N)      
                                                                                                                                                        If you experience any of the above, you might be suffering from a comman malady called ‘Exams anxiety’ A little tension or anxiety before a exams is good. It can actually motivate and make us alert during the exams. However,our exams performance may be affected if our level of anxiety increases to the point of manifesting the symptoms mentioned above.
The following tips can help you deal with exam anxiety:
  1. Awareness.Be aware of how different levels of anxiety affect you and your exams performance. You might want to mentally yell"stop" when your mind starts to receive worrying and fearful thoughts.
  2. Breathe. When exams anxiety strikes ,take a slow,deep breath and hold it for 4 to 8 secounds before releasing it slowly to help calm you down.Do this breathing a few times until your heart rate slows down.
  3. Creative Visualization. Before taking exams spend a few minutes in a pleasant fantasy trip. With your eyers closed and body relaxed,imagine yourself lying on a beach or by a waterfall.You can use some soft classical or new age music to help you relax.Imagine yourself taking the exams in the classroom.In your mind see yourself do the test confidently and calmly.
  4. Do Not….
Think negatively.Tell yourself"I’m relaxed.I’m doing a great job on this exam.
Cram. Consistency is the best policy:do not study last minute.
Be afraid to see the counsellor. Your caunsellor canhelp you develop some useful stress management,study skill and exam taking techniques.


yang penting jangan bawak toyol tawww! 

good luck kepada yang sedang atau akan mengambil final exam. tak lupa juga adik2 yang tengah SPM tu.
jangan lupa baca doa permudah urusan sebelum mula menjawab ye.
insyaallah. aminnn.

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