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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Need tips to stay on Track During the Holidays?

 Hello there!

Making it through the holidays with your fitness and diet goals still in tact can seem like a miracle in itself, but don't let it stress you out. You can do it. The best way to make it through all those parties and family get-togethers is to plan and decide what's important. If enjoying a piece of your mother's pie is what you look forward to each year, don't fill up on all of the extras like cheese and crackers. Then, have a small piece — don't have two, or three, or four slices. Know your limits and watch those portion sizes and you will triumph!
Here's what some members are doing to stay on track this holiday season:
I'll be completing my workouts first thing in the morning, cutting back on the goodies I make at home and trying some healthier recipes instead of the traditional. As far as Christmas parties, I snack on something healthy before I go so that I don't binge!! My biggest goal is not to give up if I mess up! I'll just pick myself up the following day and not fret too much about eating too much for the holidays! This will help me from falling off the bandwagon!
 Frog Miner

I am planning on getting a good workout before and after. I am also allowing myself to have a limited amount of snacks, that way I won't feel deprived or guilty when I reach for them. I plan on making healthier snacks. I will track the calories and count them into my daily allowance.
– sameantha

When I bake with my mom (we will spend at least a day, maybe two, baking) I will chew gum, do a whitestrip, and brush my teeth so I don't try every little bit! I will also eat my meals every 2.5-3 hrs so I stay full to keep me out of the cookie dough! I also love the pick yourself up idea! That is the most important thing to remember — don't let a bad snack turn into a bad day, and don't let a bad day turn into a bad week! Just hop back on the wagon the next day!
– kschmitt24
Kschmitt24, you are right — that is great advice and so important to remember. In fact, couldn't have said that better myself. So, what are you doing to stay on track this year?

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